What are customers saying?

Bob Farris, Cedarwoods Pudelpointers

Boise, Idaho

I have an intensive collection of dog training books and DVDs in my home library. Which have inspired me and from each I have taken various training strategies. I have also trained gundogs for nearly forty years and found myself learning some new process from every section of The Upland Institute.

I was absolutely engulfed with Justin’s explanations. From teaching “whoa”, heeling, bird introduction, gun introduction and a host of other training segments in this series.

If you are looking to train a hunting companion to that top shelf level, these videos will for sure help you attain your quest with very user safe methods for your dog.

Brian Stanley

Rockford, Illinois

I have been following the Hunting Dog Podcast since the first episode. Early on Justin McGrail was one of the guests that had me replaying episodes over and over. I was starving for more training content. When The Upland Institute was launched, I was ecstatic. Finally, Justin is now my own personal trainer! 

Greg Blair, Purina

Menomonee, Wisconsin

The Upland Institute video courses are pieces of bird dog equipment you should have in your training bag. As an amateur that has dabbled in training pointing dogs for the last 22+plus years, I found the series easy to comprehend, very simple and ‘to the point’. The techniques Justin uses are well explained, easy to follow and not ‘rocket science’. They are methods that if done correctly, and with simple repetition, will give your pointing dog (of any breed) a solid foundation for years to come! The videos are professionally produced, and easy and informative to listen to.

Trent and Heather Hardy

Silver Lake, Michigan

Justin’s training methods are very clear and easy to understand, even to the novice dog trainer. Justin gives you insight to the mind of a dog, which ultimately helps you understand why each step is important. We highly recommend the Upland Institute to any bird dog owner, whether they are starting out with their first puppy or working on more advanced training such as steady to wing, shot and fall. Or, in our case, the trained retrieve so our GSP holds retrieved birds until we are done capturing that memory with pictures.

Nick Larson, Birdshot Podcast

Duluth, Minnesota

I've long been a fan of Justin McGrail's training methodologies and straight forward approach, ever since I first started hearing his interviews on The Hunting Dog Podcast with Ron Boehme. Developing my first two bird dogs over the past 8 years has involved plenty of ups and downs along the way but I've learned a lot about dogs and birds over the course of that time and my enjoyment of upland hunting has never been greater thanks to the dogs of course.

Many of my training questions over the years have been answered both directly and indirectly by Justin on his podcast interviews with Ron. Both myself and my dogs have benefited greatly through Justin's teachings and his detailed yet simple methods for helping new dog trainers like myself navigate the typical roadblocks and challenges we all inevitably face. The Upland Institute now delivers the opportunity to not only hear Justin's dog training wisdom, but to see it in action, which I found to be extremely helpful in developing my young English setter prior to her second hunting season this fall. The results are already speaking for themselves.

Mike Scott

Helena, Montana

First whoa post session today could not have possibly gone better. I didn’t really fully realize the importance of wait to be released, stake out, and calming touch until I got to this. Then it’s really easy to see how it all kind of rolls down hill. Leaving Thursday morning for his first big trip. Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am and thank you again. 

Marcus Artner


I recently got my first pointing dog after having some experience with labs and running retriever hunt tests and field trials.  I had read every book, article and watched every YouTube video I could find about pointing dogs.  When I finally found Upland Institute it put the whole picture together better than anything else I found.  Not only can you see the whole process but Justin has a way of explaining things that makes it really easy to understand not just how but why.  The thing that sets Upland Institute apart is the personal connection.  Being able to speak directly with Justin when I have a training issue or question when things don't go exactly as planned has been the most valuable piece.  I highly recommend this program.

Steven Dirk


The decision to finally get my first bird dog was not taken lightly.  For over a year, I researched breeders and various training methods, reading every dog training book I could get my hands on, listening to countless podcasts, and watching hundreds of videos.  While I found bits and pieces of training material from different sources, no training method was as complete and easy to understand and implement as the Upland Institute video series. I practically memorized the First Steps prior to picking up my pup.  Dan is now 8 months old and there has not been one day when we have not incorporated one or more of the First Steps in our daily routine.  Because of this bond, he is a joy at home, in the truck, and in the field.  These steps are clearly helping him advance into Field handling, Whoa training, and E-Collar conditioning while getting as many wild bird contacts as we can this first season. I will continue to recommend your training program every chance I get.  Thank you Justin and Ron!