Pointing dog training.

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A professional video training series giving you the knowledge to be a better trainer, and the confidence to bring out the best in your dog.

Developed in conjunction with
The Hunting Dog Podcast

Upland Institute combines six decades of professional training, judging, testing, and hunting experience into a complete program to help you and your dog prepare for the next season.


"The saying has become a trite one, that the training of dogs is not science, but an art allowing for all possibilities and probabilities. I am going on the record with the statement that it is neither. It is an accomplishment that can be learned by anyone who loves dogs. Provided they have a general knowledge of the technique, possesses a level head, a well balanced mind and an even temper."

- A.F. Hochwalt, The Working Dog and His Education, 1925

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Foundations and Fundamentals

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Advanced Bird Work

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The Trained Retrieve

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