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A professional video training series giving you the knowledge to be a better trainer, and the confidence to bring out the best in your dog.

Upland Institute combines six decades of professional training, judging, testing, and hunting experience into a complete program to help you and your dog prepare for the next season.


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Foundations & Fundamentals

Illustrates proven methods for preparing young dogs for the hunting season. The series begins at square one with crate training and puppy field walks. Introducing the concept of waiting to be released, instilling a calming touch and encouraging early retrieving instincts...Read More


The Trained Retrieve

This series follows the progress of Tussle, a one year old German wire-haired pointer. It begins with her first day on the training table and shows each step taken along the complete process. Finishing with retrieving shot birds in the field. This low pressure method is designed to patiently teach you and your dog everything needed to ensure reliable retrieving of birds delivered to hand...Read More


Advanced Bird Work

Advanced bird work builds upon your dogs hunting experiences and previous foundation command training, You’ll learn how to proceed step by step to achieve reliable bird work and steadiness. Whether your goal is to have a dog hold point until the bird flushes or one that is completely steady to wing and shot, a clear path is outlined to reach your goal...Read More


"The saying has become a trite one, that the training of dogs is not science, but an art allowing for all possibilities and probabilities. I am going on the record with the statement that it is neither. It is an accomplishment that can be learned by anyone who loves dogs. Provided they have a general knowledge of the technique, possesses a level head, a well balanced mind and an even temper."

- A.F. Hochwalt, The Working Dog and His Education, 1925

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Foundations and Fundamentals

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Advanced Bird Work

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The Trained Retrieve

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Training a bird dog is an exciting adventure!

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What are others saying?

Bob Farris
Cedarwoods Pudelpointers

I have an intensive collection of dog training books and DVDs in my home library. Which have inspired me and from each I have taken various training strategies.... Read More

Nick Larson
Birdshot Podcast

I've long been a fan of Justin McGrail's training methodologies and straight forward approach, ever since I first started hearing his interviews on The Hunting Dog Podcast with Ron Boehme.... Read More

Greg Blair

The Upland Institute video courses are pieces of bird dog equipment you should have in your training bag.  As an amateur that has dabbled in training pointing dogs for the last 22+plus years, I found the series easy to comprehend... Read More

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