The Complete Series

Foundations and Fundamentals

Advanced Bird Work

The Trained Retrieve

"The trainer who can maintain a calm demeanor, even in the face of trying circumstances, is the one whose efforts will be attended by the most success."

- Henry P. Davis

The Complete Series


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Total Runtime: 4 hours 44 minutes

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Foundations and Fundamentals

 Total Runtime: 2 hours 21 minutes

  • New Puppy
  • Crate Introduction
  • Wait to Be Released
  • Calming Touch
  • Developing the Retrieving Instinct
  • Exploratory Walks
  • Bird Introduction
  • Gun Introduction
  • Field Handling
  • Influencing Range and Pattern
  • Whoa Command Training
  • Heeling
  • Overlaying the E-Collar for All Commands

The Trained Retrieve

 Total Runtime: 1 hour 4 minutes

Hold and Carry

  • Getting Used to the Table
  • First Hold
  • Stationary Hold
  • Hold and Carry
  • Moving to the Ground
  • Introduction to New Objects
  • Proofing Hold Outdoors


  • Learning to Turn Off Pressure
  • Introduction to the Fetch Command
  • Reaching for the Object
  • Picking Up Off the Table
  • Transitioning to the E-Collar
  • First Time Off the Table
  • Reviewing with New Objects
  • Intro to Tossed Objects
  • Transition from Bumpers to Dead Birds
  • Retrieving Shot Birds

Advanced Bird Work

Total Runtime: 1 hours 19 minutess

  • Whoa Command Training (included from the Foundations and Fundamentals series)
  • Stop to Flush
  • Steady to Wing
  • Steady to Shot
  • Steady to Fall
  • Honoring Point
  • Relocating Running Birds
  • Managing the Transition to Wild Birds